Volunteer for eVidyaloka

Brief Introduction about the eVidyaloka:

eVidyaloka, a not-for profit social enterprise with a zeal to enable quality education to children in rural government schools to address acute teacher shortage. In our 8+ years of existence, from one school in Tamil Nadu we have graduated to 180+ schools spread across 10 states with 13,000 children taught by 1000+ volunteers spread across 250+ cities across the globe, throughout the year.

Virtual teaching:

eVidyaloka teaching model connects volunteer-teacher to a digital classroom in a remote village, through Skype and conducts a live, interactive class. Powered by advanced technology and an elaborate syllabus, Volunteer-teachers virtually engage with the children and carry out teaching/demonstrating the planned topics. They extensively use online teaching resources, including digitized textbooks that is provided by Academics Team.

Volunteer Prerequisites:                                                                                              

1) Should have passion and commitment to extend quality education to children in remote villages of India.

2) Should be fluent, able to read and write in any one of the local languages (Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Hindi) to teach Science/Mathematics/English foundation subjects.

3) Should have access to a Desktop/Laptop with high speed Internet.

4) Presence of 2 hours per week is recommended.

5) Teaching will happen in Govt. school hours i. e. Monday – Friday 10 am – 4pm and Saturday 9 am – 1 pm IST.

eVidyaloka is in need of teachers for second term across 10 states in India which will be starting in October 2019. We, synergise passionate volunteer who seek virtual teaching opportunities to create an impact in children education.

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