Daan Utsav 2014 | Notebook Collection Drive | Bengaluru

This Daan Utsav (or Joy of Giving Week) Bhumi’s Bengaluru team is organising a ‘Stationery Collection Drive’. The idea is to collect notebooks, pencils and any kind of stationery that can be given to children of our centers across Bengaluru. Ideas include
1. Placing a donation box in our apartments/colleges/workplaces (If it needs lots of approvals, make it informal).
2. Talking to any retail/food outlets in our locality and see if donation boxes can be placed.
3. If someone wishes to donate money, we accept the money and buy the stuff on their behalf.
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Daan Utsav 2014 | Pune Events


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Name of Activity


Corporate Stalls Handmade Bags, Diyas – Blind School & Sparsh Balgram, Hemlkasa, Anandwan
No to Plastic / Paper Bags In School / Orphan – Making of Paper Bags. No to Plastic
Medical Checkup Camps In Orphan / School – Will take Medical Checkup camp
Sanitation & Cleanliness for School Children In Medical Checkup Camp only we will have Sanitation & Cleanliness Video Session
Story Books & Notebook Donation Ask People/ Colleague Donate Story books & Notebooks for underprivileged child’s education
Sports Kit / Toy  Donation Camp Ask Citizens to participate in fulfilling dreams of children
Cloth Donation Camp Any type of cloth/  Any age/ Including Saree / Winter Cloths  for the Marathwada & Vidharbha Orphanage
Each Child Count Survey on education of children in partnership with Door step school
Origami – Craft In Orphanage – session on craft
Drawing  Session In Orphanage – session on drawing
Story Telling Session English Marathi Story Telling Session in schools / Orphanage
English Words Making Activity Making english words with Fun – in schools / Orphanage
Mathematics Activities Playing with Mathematics games – in schools / orphanage
EVS – Ecofriendly Activities Ecofriendly Activities for schools/ Orphanages
History / Geography Activity Awareness & creating enthusiasm among student on Geography / History
Reading & Entertainment Activity for visually challenged & speech impaired Session for reading books
Save Water Awareness campaign for same – Road Activity
Save Girl Child, Protect Women &  Empower Women Rally

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Daan Utsav 2014 | New Delhi Events

  • Cleanliness Drive | 5th October, 2014, 8:30 am

We will all assemble at 8:30am in front of gate number 3 of Rajiv Chowk metro. The drive will focus on the Central Park area and also clean the trash created during Raahgiri.

  • Hygiene Movie | 5th October, 2014, 4:30 pm

We will show a movie specially created for kids which focusses on Hand Washing. It will be held in Rajendra Ashram.

  • Lemonade Distribution at a Construction Site | 11th October, 2014

We will distribute lemonade at a construction. The venue will be posted very shortly. It will take place at around 2 pm and will be easily accessible by metro.

  • Traffic Awareness Campaign | 12th October, 2014, 9:00 am

We will have a traffic awareness campaign at India Gate. Posters for the event will be created on the same day before the event.

  • Food Distribution | 11th or 12th October, 2014, 12:30 pm

We will organise lunch for all the kids of Rajendra Ashram. The date will be confirmed as soon as the centre authorities give us a date. The fund for the lunch is also donated by volunteers. You can come join us in the distribution of lunch. If you would like to donate, kindly email or call and let us know.

  • Stationery collection drive | 12th October, 2014, 12pm

We will collect stationery like unused notebooks, pens, pencils, colours, etc and have a collection at our office at Rajendra Ashram on 12th October. The entire inventory list will be shared and you will also know where the stationery was allocated. Do make sure that the stationary usable by the kids.

If you would like to organise any other event, kindly email us and we will set it up.

For further details, contact: 9999054311/8800450582 / email: ashir@bhumiverse.org