Daan Garbage | Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane

Details: Join Sampurn Earth to participate and design an awareness campaign for decentralised waste management in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. For more information, pl visit www.sampurnearth.com

Date and Time: The training will commence in July and exact date of the program will be announced/intimated closer to the event. Training session will be for 6 hours.

Duration: Session 1 – 6 hours | Session 2 & 3 – 2 hours each

Venue: Will be communicated later.

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Project adopt a Village | Chennai

Timeline: June – July

Locations of the project – Mahabalipuram, Kovilambakkam, Kottakuppam, Avanipur, Neykuppi, Kovalam, Egattur, Mathur
*Volunteers will be allotted villages by us*

Job description of volunteers for the 5 week project :

  • Week 1- Introduction / Induction / Prepare for reality / Experience Chennai + Visit village sites / Understand the reality / Customise projects based on reality of surroundings
  • Week 2,3,4,5 –          
    • Healthcare– Interns showcase the importance of Primary Healthcare for Children & Adults by spreading awareness and providing long lasting solutions for the same
    • EducationInterns innovate and find new ways to help the population of the village realise the importance of education for their children and themselves. They also educate them on how to utilise their surroundings and resources effectively in order to create an environment of smart & sustainable living
    • SanitationInterns teach the people the value of sanitation & healthcare in their daily lives through sustainable campaigns
    • Women Empowerment Interns provide counselling, approve education funds for (a) children of destitute women and (b) bids for micro-financing for new businesses
    • Capture TamilNaduInterns are responsible for documenting their own journeys and the impact they have created in the world around them. This media is compiled by them in the last two days of week 5, as a closing to their experience.
  • Activities  –  Medical Camps, Counselling sessions for women empowerment & education, etc.
  • Note: All projects are subjective to the village and what it requires. Interns are requested to prepare for all projects. Depending on the priority and requirement of the individual village, every project can be extended or shortened. The Media Project however is compulsory and is considered a closing to the internship.
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For any queries, please write to kavyat.aiesec@gmail.com

‘Swadharma’ – An Auroville Semester Programme | Pondicherry


Auroville has launched a Semester programme that offers youth of age group between 18 to 28 years, a space for self-reflection and holistic action. Swadharma semester programme follows a pedagogy deeply rooted in exploring and discovering one’s true potential. Its objective is to help the learner to come in touch with the inherent evolutionary force of their being through a series of simultaneous inner and outer explorations. The awakening and growth of the being is the fundamental condition for the unfolding of Swadharma, the work governed by one’s own nature. Only when this unfolding happens, an individual can act in the world with harmony and delight, expressing the highest possibility of one’s life’s creative purpose.

More details on the below link,
Note that the programme is for 20 participants and the first round of applications will conclude on 15th June 2016. 

Volunteers needed for conducting survey | New Delhi

About the project:

Save the Children is implementing a project in Delhi Slums with focus on Child sensitive social protection and Disaster Risk Reduction. As a part of the project Child Poverty and Vulnerability Mapping exercise was done in last April & May.

Volunteer Role: To support us in the process of caring out the survey at field level and data consolidation.

Duration: April 20 to 30, 2016.

Daily timings:  9 am to 6 pm.

If you are interested, please contact Rucha Thakkar – 9811161342

Relead+ – An opportunity to build leadership skills | Fellowships

Relead+ is a 6 day residential program by The Blue Ribbon Movement, coming up in May 2016. It is a program which will help :

  • Build a deeper understanding of yourself : of your skills, strengths, beliefs and fears.
  • Build greater meaning into your life : by aligning what you are doing with what you truly want.
  • Deepen your leadership journey : by bringing you skills that take you to the ‘next level’ (next level being greater impact and being driven by greater purpose)
  • Gain the latest / most powerful skills and ideas in the domain of leadership : by working with and integrating the most recent and meaningful ideas in the domain.
  • Build lifelong connections and get started on an ongoing leadership journey : through our alumni program, we will work with you on a lifelong journey of leadership.

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Gramya Manthan 2016 | Fellowship

Gramya Manthan, a nine day rural immersion journey with 30 passionate change agents to remote villages in Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh, India.  This is the 5th annual Gramya Manthan program hosted by Youth Alliance.

The program aims at developing a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world around us by following our curiosity and discovering new understanding by creating a space to learn, to observe and engage with the diverse realities of our world.

The idea is also to bring ourselves into rhythm with the surprisingly complex realities and wisdom of rural life, allowing ourselves a platform to begin to think more holistically and to challenge our preconceived notions about Indian rural communities.

The program has been enriched by interactions with

  • Mr. Anshu Gupta – Founder, Goonj.
  • Mr. R. Elango – Kuthambakkam Village.
  • Mr. Ravi Gulati – Founder of Manzil.
  • Mr. Ram NK  – Founder, Rang De.


Process of Gramya Manthan

Gramya Manthan is rooted in the timeless principles of the circle. The facilitators co-create a space for each participant to express her/his unique self as we learn together. Learning happens in three ways-

  •       We learn from each other
  •       We learn with each other
  •       We learn from our own self in the company of each other

The focus of our experience is curiosity and understanding and serving with kindness. Letting our “curiosity be greater than our criticality” creates a context for new ideas to emerge from within. As we step past our preconceived ideas we push our imagination to hold a larger vision of a more just, cooperative and sustainable human world. In the process, we enhance our leadership potential by being more aware of our own inner journey and develop a better understanding of the narratives that guide our thinking and our lives. Find more details about the process here.

To read more about the program, click here.

Apply to be part of 2016 cohort – http://youthallianceofindia.org/gramya-manthan/apply/

Volunteer to teach English | Chennai

Volunteering opportunity: To teach spoken English to underprivileged children and women ( Basic and Advanced ongoing courses of 3 months duration each)

Location: YWCA campus, No 1078 Poonamalee High road, near Thinathandi Office, Chennai- 600084

Days expected to volunteer: Once a week on weekdays

Time: 2  to 4 pm

Period: 3 months

Skills required: Good command over the English Language and ability to work as a team.

Will materials / curriculum be provided to volunteers?: YES.

For further clarifications, please contact Ganesh – 99520-38216

Volunteer for Marina Runnerz Marathon 2016 | Chennai


Volunteers needed for Marina Runners Marathon – 2016. The proceeds from the run will be distributed to Acro Iris Foundation working in the area of education, Sankara Nethralaya and Viswajayam Foundation working for Health

Date : Feb 28, 2016

Time : 4 AM to 9 AM.

Assembly point : YMCA, Nandanam.  After which volunteers will have to move to their allocated locations viz Saidapet, Adyar, Besant nagar and Kotturpuram.

Volunteer have to attend the briefing session on the previous day.

All the volunteers will be provided with Refreshments and a T Shirt.

If you are interested please sign up below